About SimHome

A full-service smart home automation company. We have smart home solutions for condominiums, residential homes, "speculation" homes, new construction, renovations and light commercial applications of all sizes and requirements. We have all the required expertise to ensure all aspects of any smart home project are covered under one company which saves you time, money, and ensures consistent quality control from end to end.


Our Core Values

Sim Home has developed a list of Core Values, standards that every Sim Home employee strives to achieve in order to make your experience and ours as positive and enjoyable as possible:

  • We deliver a customer experience that earns loyalty and confidence

  • We respect and support one another by being honest, direct, and professional

  • We all work to maximize the value of our company

  • We promote a balanced quality of life for our team members and encourage personal and professional growth

  • We achieve our goals through teamwork, dedication, and fun

  • We are a model of creativity, innovation, and quality