Wi-Fi Thermostats

The right comfort starts with the perfect smart Wi-Fi thermostat. With the latest and greatest styles and designs, You'll find the best prices and variety of different thermostats for your home.

When you make the switch to a smart Wi-Fi thermostat, you’re in control, from the comfort of your couch or if you’re away from home – you’re smartphone keeps you connected. Want more? Connect your smart Wi-Fi thermostat to an Amazon Alexa device or Google Assistant device and then you simply tell the thermostat what temperature you want, without getting up.

How about energy savings? Did we mention you can save up to 20%? With programming and scheduling, or even through built-in learning capability, these Wi-Fi thermostats can pay for themselves in just one season.


Traditional Thermostats

Traditionally, thermostats have fallen into two categories: non-programmable and programmable. Non-Programmable thermostats are the most affordable, but very antiquated. They require a manual temperature setting and manual setting of heat or cool to cycle your HVAC unit and can be rather imprecise. Programmable thermostats offer a digital interface with time period programming, which will automatically adjust the heat and/or cool temperature based on time, and often they allow for multiple set points per day. However, neither of these older-style thermostats come close to the technology available with today's Wi-Fi thermostats.

Smart And Wi-Fi Thermostats

Smart Wi-Fi thermostats are the next evolution of heating and cooling control in your home. They build upon the basic temperature setting, scheduling and digital interface options of non-programmable and programmable thermostats with a variety of added features. Some of these features include improved energy efficiency and feedback, remote programming, geofencing, learning and alerts. Once these smart Wi-Fi thermostats are synced up with a Wi-Fi router, you will have remote access from a computer or via an app, all from the comfort and convenience of a smartphone or tablet virtually anywhere you access to the web. The future of comfort control is now - no matter where you are, a Wi-Fi thermostat keeps you connected to your home with control in the palm of your hand. Here are some of the more popular Wi-Fi thermostats available today